Blonk Executive Club

Exclusive access in full confidentiality

Blonk Executive Club is an exclusive network of CXOs, leaders of industries and senior experts from around the world. In the Blonk Executive Club, you will be privy to hidden opportunities that fit your ambitions and profile.

Additionally, you will enjoy:

  • Extra privileges that make your talent hunt easier
  • Guaranteed anonymity, if it’s important to you
  • Wide range of jobs advertised on the Blonk app


Ask to join:


Blonk Executive Club Membership is on invite only.

If we have missed you, please let us know! We welcome your application! You can ask an existing member to recommend you or you can request an invitation by telling us about your suitability.


Application criteria:

Responsibility level – Board member/CxO/EVP/SVP/VP/MD
Please submit your request here telling us your suitability.

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    Requests for invitation will be assessed by the Blonk team. If you are eligible for membership, you will receive an email confirming your membership.