Find great opportunities in a few swipes

Meet inspiring people or discover dream jobs …
You can do both on Blonk!

Job and people matching platform

How it works

  • Choose between a wide range of goals
  • Swipe through selected jobs and people to meet
  • When you like each other, it's a match and you can start chatting
  • Record a video to stand out and watch other's videos to get more insights before meeting
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Find the Right Talent in a few swipes

Setup in seconds

Showcase your company with a unique profile and post a job easily.

Motivated talent pool

You can build and tap into a pool of candidates excited by your job opportunity.

Relevant matches

Our intelligent algorithm selects relevant and motivated talents for you. No more search and lengthy preselection.

Scale faster, scale smarter

Upgrade to one of our premium packages for more job postings, access to hot candidates, and deeper data insights.

Why Blonk?

Hunt Passive Candidates

Passive candidates hate to be approached with untimely and irrelevant job offers. Blonk presents passive candidates who like you at their most receptive.

Tap on an International Pool

You don’t have to compromise on the skills just because there are no good fits in your city. Draw from a bigger talent pool in the world to find the right talent.

Find people who best align with you

Our matching engine recommends motivated and relevant talent for you.

Save Time and Money

Blonk accelerates the recruitment process by directly connecting hiring leaders and motivated candidates preselected by a matching algorithm.

Turn Gen Y on

Millennials are driven by social media and mobility. Blonk is adapted to their lifestyle and address their needs for fit.

Employer Branding

Boost your employer brand with Blonk. Simple, intuitive and direct, our job matching app promises a seamless candidate experience. Make each digital interaction count. Invest in a next-generation candidate experience.

Leverage Social Media and Mobile Technology to Recruit Your Next Hires

Reach candidates where they spend their most time