Given the profound ongoing transformations of the way to drive businesses, the dynamics of governance need to evolve in order to ensure the future survival and success of any organisation. Boards say they are very prepared to deal with challenges close to home, such as financial results, marketing strategy, employee satisfaction, but they feel unprepared for larger-scale forces such as major crises, macroeconomic shocks, strategic acquisitions or divestments, addressing new markets, and impact of climate change. Boards of directors need to help executive teams build the foresight, response, and adaptation capabilities they need to manage future shocks. They must aim at anticipating the questions of tomorrow while supporting today’s operations.

This requires incredible alignment, courage, vision and a renewed sense of shared responsibility and purpose. This requires a performing team made of diverse leaders and experts able to work well together, understand the present challenges and design the future of the company all together.

Blonk is expert in attracting and selecting this new bread of Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) who will fit the present culture of your company and bring a distinctive value for the future. Blonk Board Executive Search practice brings you a deep expertise and an innovative approach in building an effective Board team.

You get access to a wide international pool of potential Non-Executive Directors (NEDs)

Recruiting a NED requires a global approach with the right setup, tools and mindset. Our technology, our organisation and our methodology were conceived right from the beginning with the ambition to provide an exceptional access to Talents across geographies. Thanks to the power of our tools and our international and collaborative setup, you get a wide cultural pool of candidates with an international benchmark.

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You get international experts with the right set of required competences

Profiles and responsibilities of Non-Executive Directors are now clearly defined in very specific terms by all regulation bodies internationally. Blonk helps you identify, attract and select the right NEDs who will bring the actual level of required expertise and will be able to generate value in your specific business context and Board culture.

We promote board diversity

At Blonk, we are committed to advancing and representing all people, creating diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations, starting at the top. This ambition applies at all stages of the search and selection process.
As an alternative player in the field of Board Executive Search, we always believed in the value of diversity and we have already placed extraordinary, diverse talents into leadership roles. This is our continuing mission to unleash the power of all.

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We make the best use the latest technologies

Identifying, attracting and engaging the best possible profiles requires a brand new approach using the best and the latest technologies applied to the search and the communications to candidates. The new breed of Non-Executive Directors expect to be approached in a new way. Blonk provides you with an integrated search and selection solution dedicated to Boards. We designed and operate a proprietary engagement and matching platform, powered by AI. This powerful search and selection system is managed by senior consultants driven by a rigorous ethics and commitment for quality services to corporates and candidates..

We attract and engage for you the best possible people in a brand new way

The way you design and promote your offer has a direct impact on the quality of people you will get. Blonk provides you with the latest digital marketing technics and technologies to make your corporate story as attractive as possible to the targeted personae. We communicate to the right people through intense and swift omni-channel campaigns using our proprietary search tools. We engage the best potential Non-Executive Directors in a direct, like minded and professional way thanks to our matching platform.

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The science of selection - get the right match, make the right decision

“Recruiting is very similar to Love Matching”. The right people for a given Board are not only the people with the right experience and background but also with the right fit (EQ, motivations and attitudes). We help you select the best possible people thanks to a robust and efficient selection process based on a specific competence model (Blonk Right Fit ModelTM). Our Board Success Profiling helps us objectively assess all potential Non-Executive Directors in an holistic way and help you take balanced and informed decisions.

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