Talent Strategy and Development

Talent Strategy, Selection and Development

People are an organisation's greatest assets. A people-driven organisation is a magnet for top talents. We help companies create a competitive edge through Talent Acquisition and Development, and boost Digital HR transformation with our suite of Talent Strategy and Leadership Development services.
  • Recruiting right [talents with the right fit] ensures performance and retention. Nurturing a talent pipeline with focus on employer branding fosters business continuity. Developing your people prepares/enables/facilitates succession planning. Digitising HR is an imperative for efficiency/productivity in this new digital age. The business case for company results is strong.Tapping on our expertise in people/human capital, we support you in these areas.

    • Digital HR Transformation
    • Designing Talent Strategy in line with Business Objectives
    • Capability model building

    Talent Strategy

    • Recruitment interview & selection techniques (Training)
    • Individual selection assessments

    Talent Selection

    • 360 reviews
    • Individual coaching
    • Individual coaching
    • Transition coaching: Managing new managers, SpeedStart
    • Individual development assessments
    • Team development programme / Team coaching

    Talent & Leadership Development

Leverage Social Media and Mobile Technology to Recruit Your Next Hires

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